Handover Ceremony – Bailwad Lake

Having worked tirelessly for two months in summer to relieve the Bailwad Lake in Bailhongal taluk in the district in order to ensure that the water body would fill up during the monsoon, Pyaas Foundation on Saturday 09th November 2019 entrusted it’s upkeep to the Bailwad Gram Panchayat. In a region commonly afflicted by drought, the successful rejuvenation of the lake has ignited hopes among the agrarian community in the region.

The lake was handed over to the local administration in the presence of Siddeshwar Swami of Vijayapura, MLA Mahantesh Koujalgi, Union Minister Suresh Angadi and Rajyotsava award recipient Shivaji Kagnikar. Scores of residents from Bailwad village in the taluk were also in attendance at the ceremony.