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We works with vision to give a new lease of life, resurrect lost water resources and to improve the lives of people.


Pyaas Foundation is an organisation which has made water management its prime focus in and around the city of Belagavi. The foundation had it’s genesis in the great drought of 2016, which saw half of Karnataka reeling in them midst of the most acute shortage of water ever. It was difficult time for Belagavi district which bore the burnt of this drought. There was no water, especially in rural areas, and suffering was common in both humans and animals. The foundation has till date supplied fresh drinking water to over 1,00,000 people, especially in the rural areas.

Pyaas Foundation Initiative

Background– Belgaum , the city referred to as the Mahabaleshwar of the poor was always a land of plenty , endowed with natures ample resources and a rich flora and fauna ,it has been a toast to nature lovers. The   place has an rich history , being the capital of several erstwhile dynasties in the past. The women in Belgaum have always been shoulder to shoulder with the men and at times exemplary in their struggle, Kitttur Rani Chennamma , Belawadi Mallama have been ideals of every women here.

But all was  not well In this  land of joy and in the summer of 2016 Belgaum was at the brink of the worst ever drought in several decades. Almost all the water resources almost ran dry, water for drinking was a luxury and that for animals and other purposes was simply not available. Needless to say the rural populations bore the brunt of it and the villages wore a deserted look with most animals sold to other farmers or sometimes to slaughter houses because it has become simply impossible to sustain with the requirements to maintain live stock. Some unfortunately  resorted to tragic suicides unable to pay their loans leaving behind helpless families with no hope for rehabilitation.

The Beginning

The problem was acute and no solution visible, people were helpless, it was in this situation that a group of young men got together under the banner of PYAAS foundation and decided to take matters in their hand. PYAAS  was  started by concerned citizens who wanted to give back to the society. The PYAAS as its first  initiative sought a  short term strategy to provide clean drinking water to the villages reeling under the drought . Every day tankers of fresh water reached  dry villages substituting the deficiencies in water to that provided by the government and in some instances looking to provide water to villages where the administration is unable to reach. Not even your enemy should be denied water is the Indian tradition and is the motto of the organization on the ground. The water was provided and distributed by volunteers with the help of locals. Finding clean sources of water , getting it to the villages and systematically distributing it was the immediate initiative Well begun is half done, they say. And we found ourselves working out on this plan called water.

Work Done

We started with the supply of water to the draught hit villages of Belgavi District , five villages including Macche, Aralikatti , Vadgoan, PrabhuNagar , Kamal Nagar  were supplied clean drinking water by us. Over eight thousand people were provided clean drinking water for over 45 days by the organization. Sources of water were identified, their potability was established and tankers were hired for the project. Our volunteers went door to door and distributed the water equitably to every house hold.  The project was only stopped after a good rainfall and once the villages had sufficient water to sustain their needs.

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