PYAASFOUNDATION is an organisation which has made water management its prime focus in and around the city of Belagavi. The foundation had it’s genesis in the great drought of 2016 , which saw half of Karnataka reeling in the midst of the most acute shortage of water ever.It was a difficult time for Belagavi district which bore the brunt of this drought.There was no water especially in rural areas and suffering was common in both humans and animals.It was in these troubled times that a group of young professionals decided to come together for supplying drinking water and developing long term solutions for water management in the region.The foundation has till date supplied fresh drinking water to over 1,00,000 people especially in the rural areas .

The foundation has also developed six water bodies in the region which includes rejuvenation and in some cases digging up new lakes.The foundation has developed its own team of dedicated professionals including  civil engineers , structural engineers and other professionals which contribute to the aims of the organisation in their own capacity.The organisation has been recognised in the city today and is participating activity in many development activities.

The organisation has also worked on revival of British era wells to provide for the increasing water requirements of the city.The organization undergoes regular audits and is today holding a 12A status with donations deductible under section 80g .The foundation also works in advisory capacity to several organizations in the city regarding environmental and water sustainence projects.

Registration Certificate

12AA Certificate

80G Certificate

Pyaas Foundation Team


Dr. Madhav Prabhu

Consultant Physician & Diabetologist


Abhimanyu Daga



Rohan Kulkarni



Dr. Preeti Kore

Administrator & Dental Surgeon

joint secretary

Gopal Gowda

Journalist & Editor


Deepak Oulkar

Artist & Photographer 


Satish Lad



Avadhut Samant



Ashwini Patil

Women Entrepreneur