Tumbe Kere, a lake in the historic Kittur of Belagavi district, went dry two years ago. The land, made famous by Rani Chennamma, the queen of Kittur who led an armed rebellion against the British East India Company, is thus having a different fight at its hands. Led by Pyaas Foundation, the people of Kittur are all set to fight the ensuing water crisis through a movement.

Kittur, the name itself is spine chilling , it’s the land where Rani Chennamma took a stand against the tyrants,the British, it was in this historic town that Chennammaji the first lady freedom fighter of India decided to take a stand that she will not give in to foreign rule.

The brave lady queen lay down her life for her country and her people but kindled the light of revolution in every Kannadiga heart . She laid the foundation of the idea of freedom and self rule in North Karnataka and the entire Indian sub continent.

Today the same North Karnataka is reeling under a severe drought for the last two years, water is become a rare commodity and people are fast losing hope. Belagavi being the biggest district in North Karnataka is bearing the brunt of the drought , half the district is dependent on neighboring state for water and unrestricted population growth has led to over exploitation of existing resources.

All is not lost however and it is again the blood line of Chennamma, the people of Kittur who have decided to take a stand against the drought and for ending the dependence on other states for water. What better way to do it than to rejuvenate the historic Kittur Lake which is a stone throw away from the Kittur fort which is where the battle for Kittur took place. The lake will provide a storage facility and will increase the water table in the entire region. This effort will be coordinated and carried out by PYAAS Foundation Belagavi which has already taken up three lakes in the district. This lake is deemed to be a symbol of the people of the region deciding to not give in to the drought. The second battle for Kittur has begun and this time it’s going to be a blue revolution.

We appeal to our brothers and sisters in Karnataka , to take pride in the legacy of Chennammaji and join in.



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