PYAAS Foundation was started with its flagship project of supplying drinking water to drought affected villages around Belagavi.


Last year we supplied drinking water to 8000-people everyday for three months, the water was delivered to homes. As we know this year also several villages have run dry, with severe scarcity of drinking water. Hence PYAAS Foundation will start surveying & supplying water to such villages who are in dire requirement of drinking water. 

We are scheduled to start next week and a survey will be done this Sunday. Needless to say this project will require funding again and we request every citizen with a social commitment to help us in this noble venture. 

This year we have come up with a unique scheme of sponsor a tanker, no contribution is small and you can quench the thirst of a village starting from Rs 500 per tanker.

Please participate , together we will quench the PYAAS of our brothers and sisters in Belagavi.

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