Pyaas with your support did a phenomenal work last year single handedly providing drinking water to 8000-people everyday for three months, we followed this up with a lake in Prabhu nagar which is 4000 sqfr with a depth of 40 feet.

The government estimate for this was Rs.15,00,000 but we did the work in almost half that cost. This was possible because of some generous donations and your support, we were able to plant some 3800 trees all over Belagavi .

19 Feb 2017

PYAAS Foundation commenced work of its first project for this year that’s the completion of the Sulga lake project.

The work started on in second week of Feb and will be at an estimated cost of around eight lakhs. We are searching for donors as at present we are not in possession of this amount, hence we would like to urge the PYAAS Foundation family to explore finding options. We will however not wait now and will start work on time. Here are some of the pictures of the project, we are counting on your support.

The Sulga lake is sixty percent complete as on 20 February 2017 , PYAAS Foundation is doing it’s bit to overcome the water crisis in Belagavi , we need people to join us and strengthen our hands so we can make Belagavi a better and smarter place for all

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