Lake rejuvenation of the the Prabhu Nagar lake has commenced and in a short time we have achieved the impossible.
When the team from Pyaas foundation visited Prabhu Nagar to supply water through tankers one elderly man told the team member that there was once a lake here where he used to play and swim in his younger days. But over the years the lake was filled up with silt, mud and about 5 years ago the existence of the lake was washed away. Some of the younger generation in the village did not even know a lake existed there once.

This was an opportunity for Pyaas foundation which states its long term goal as self sufficiency in water supply for the villages. The dead lake, which can only be recognized to be a lake by the villagers and no one else. The dead lake will get a new look with its fresh water this season all thanks to to the `Mission Lake’ of Pyaas Foundation, the commencement of which has brought new hopes for the villagers of Prabhu Nagar on Sunday morning.

A JCB was forced into action as cleaning the entire stretch by manpower would take over a fortnight. And work began by clearing half the lake with the weeds and plants. he villagers which spotted the team in action, joined hands with them. Khanapur MLA Arvind Patil also reached the spot and lauded the efforts of the Foundation. He assured the members of Foundation to extend all possible support for the lake work. He performed the pooja, for commencing the work.

They started studying about the history of the lake, calculating the cost of the work and took suggestions from experts to bring back its life.

While the earth mover was moving cleaning the weeds and plants and a few villagers were awestruck with the size and magnitude of the lake that might have existed in the earlier days, team Pyaas was working with Civil Engineer Sachin Gurav on the plan on how to rebuild this lake and how it can solve the water problems of the area. The earth mover started to dig a small pit to analyze if there was some moisture in the lake bed and at 12 feet it was a bravo moment when water started to flow out of those small holes in the pit. This was a very encouraging sign which meant there were fresh water streams still alive in the lake which needed to be rejuvenated.

Pyaas Foundation members have discussed with the concerned authorities, which have assured to install a water purifying unit besides the lake after the work is complete. The foundation has plans to plant different species of fruit and flower trees, which can attract different species of birds. Th lake is spread over 15 guntas of land and Pyaas foundation wants all work to be complete before the monsoons.

If all goes as per plan this lake could become a picnic hot spot amongst the citizens and yes of course it will quench the thirst of the villagers.

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